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Do you have the “perfect” body? Me either! Guess what, I still have the honor of being the face, co-author of the book and lead figure in an Access Specialty Class called Right Body for You!

Now, some of you may be saying, “Donnielle, there is no perfect body.” And you are correct! Ok, and how many of us still secretly judge our bodies while trying to get it to the image where we won’t get judged? Shhhh….I know it’s supposed to be a secret…but it’s really not. What is beyond this concept of the perfect body or the acceptable body? A whole brilliant shiny amazing phenomenal world where anything is possible!


My body and my life is constantly changing sizes, shape, health level, emotional levels and I get to travel the world facilitating online and in person classes inviting people to that shiny amazing world of possibility no matter what they may look like, act like, think of themselves, judge about themselves, secretly hope for or secretly fear.


I invite you the world of facilitating yourself and facilitating others. To use energy, your words, your actions, your dreams to create ANYTHING! I’m living proof of it, and I have helped 1,000s of others.

Curious? Would you like to learn more? Check out my upcoming events that are live and online including Right Body for You Workshops, Access 3-Day Class, Foundation, my specialty class The Energy of Words and so much more.

Explore my website to watch free videos, listen to free audios.

Hope to play with you and your universe virtually and somewhere in the world.

And remember… Be Aware, Ask Questions & Have Fun!


PS – Did I mention I USED to be dynamically shy??? 
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I have worked in Television Production for over 10 years and have been working in Radio for almost 31 years. I've done mostly behind the scenes - shooting, editing, producing content, etc. My journey of embracing who I be and not hiding has included lots and lots of fun media that I get to share with you. So please enjoy!


One to One Sessions

I offer sessions Online and In-Person wherever I am in the World. During one to one sessions I can give you amazing insight that can assist you in getting clarity and change in any area you are asking for.

1 Hour - $350
30 Minutes - $225

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